Pigmentation Laser Removal

What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation can develop easily on your skin but it is not easy to erase.

Your skin owes its colour to a pigment called melanin, hence your skin will either be lighter or darker depending on how much melanin you have. Usually, the skin colour is uniform but due to different contributing factors, you could develop hyper or hypopigmentation. This may appear as either lighter or darker skin patches respectively.

Skin pigmentation refers to the colouration of the skin. Your skin colour is determined by the levels of melanin in your skin cells. If the cells are healthy, your skin will appear normal. If, however, skin cells become unhealthy or damaged your skin may turn lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation), both of which are recognised skin disorders in the field of dermatology.

Darker patches on your skin may be due to over excessive sun exposure or in some cases due to hormonal changes. If these patches appear on visible areas, such as the face, they could be a source of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Here, at Garden of Aesthetics Clinic we use the award-winning gold standard, Cynosure Elite (Alexandrite option), for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Even though we can treat all skin types, the treatment works best in lighter skin types 1-3 of the Fitzpatrick classification.

We have alternative treatments to offer for skin types 4 – 6. Book in for your FREE skin consultation now with our therapist, so that we can formulate the most suitable individual skincare programs together with you.

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