Leg Viens

Laser treatment for broken (thread) veins

Whatever has caused them – whether it’s sun exposure, age, genetics or hormones for example – visible leg and facial veins are bothersome at best, unattractive at worst.

Fortunately, at Garden of Aesthetics we have the option of using either laser  treatments to quickly and effectively treat your broken veins, wherever they are – on your face, legs or anywhere else on your body.

We will help you to improve the look of your skin and help you feel a whole lot better about yourself, in as few as one to three visits.

See below for more information about how the treatments work, prices and patient reviews.

Test patch required

Yes (will be scheduled at your consultation)

Treatment at a glance

For best results
Minimum 3 – 6 treatments
Return back to work
immediately (minimal downtime)
Procedure time
10 – 45 minutes
Duration of results
Can be Permanent
Risks or complications